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Rocket Folio and NXT implementation and support

Implementation, support, training


  • Search Technologies staff has almost 20 years experience selling, implementing and supporting the Folio and NXT product lines
  • Under new ownership since 2009 by Rocket Software, these robust, time-tested search products are a compelling option for reference publishing applications, and in use by thousands of publishers and corporations, worldwide.

Folio is a rich-client, search-centric application for assembling, securing and distributing content, and it can be used offline, on local drives and LANs, or as part of a CD/DVD-based product.  It provides built-in search and navigation options, rights management capabilities and a full SDK with which customized applications can be quickly built and deployed. 

Folio is typically used to distribute high-value reference information within corporations or by commercial publishers selling subscription access to their content.  Search Technologies customers who have deployed Folio include;  the Library of Congress, the Financial Accounting Foundation and American Legal Publishing.

Rocket Software's NXT 4 is a complete online electronic publishing suite aimed at small to medium sized reference publishers and departments within larger organizations.  It is a modular product and covers a wide range of functionality including:

  • Search & navigation tools
  • Building and distributing CD/DVD based products with license management support
  • Online distribution tools for use on corporate intranets or for commercially published content via subscription-based access to hosted sites
  • Remote content updating tools
  • A range of built-in bridges and data converters
  • An SDK for extending and customizing functionality

Search Technologies customers who have deployed NXT include: the Pew Research Center, the American Bankers Association, and the National Research Council of Canada. 

Both Folio and NXT may be used behind the firewall for more effective distribution and contextually relevant access to mission critical information.

The value proposition demonstrated in the pricing models for corporate use are compelling. Also, for both the Folio and NXT products, Rocket provides Commercial Publishers with royalty-based pricing through Rocket Software Agents, such as Search Technologies. This model helps many publishers align cost of ownership to their revenues, providing a sustainable, profitable business model.

Whether you are part of a corporation or a commercial publishing organization, if you are contemplating using Folio or NXT, Search Technologies can help you assess your needs and implement the best design for your search solution.

Both Folio and NXT are trademarks of Rocket Software.