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Intelligent Search & Match Solutions for Recruiters and HR


In the staffing industry, every extra minute it takes you to find candidates you already have or worse to not be able to find them at all gives your competitors an opening to make a placement that could be yours.  Given the large amounts of candidates that most staffing firms deal with it is easy to lose track of your most placeable candidates.

Corporate Human Resources and staffing organizations face similar challenges, especially those in the professional consulting industry.  Tracking employee expertise, experience and availability is a critical part of business proposal and bidding processes.  And lost time can equate to lost revenues.


With the pressure to deliver high-quality candidates and improve fill rates, many leading professional staffing companies are seeking out software solutions that will allow them to achieve better, more automated results. They are deploying these technologies in a two-phased approach:

  • The first phase seeks to improve the ease of use and completeness of traditional search tools, providing recruiters with a true 360-degree view of candidates.
  • In the second phase, companies are looking to automate candidate-to-job matching using sophisticated technologies that leverage statistical and linguistic capabilities.

The desired end result of implementing intelligent search solutions is to ensure recruiters are improving their results and fill rates, contributing directly to the bottom line.  Similarly, professional consulting organizations may see a positive business impact with more efficient responses to requests for proposals.


There are many “intelligent” job match solutions on the market either as stand-alone products or embedded in Applicant Tracking Systems.  They can provide convenience but undifferentiated capabilities.  And they are often neither as automated nor “intelligent” as advertised.

A customized Search & Match solution from Search Technologies can improve fill rates and provide a real competitive edge by leveraging your unique business data and market understanding.

Our solutions are uniquely competitive due to our expertise in leveraging recruiting data that you own, including CVs, historical recruiting results, interviews, evaluations, salary data, industry data, and back-office financial transactions.


Our expertise and technical assets in search, linguistics, and intelligent data processing are foundational to our ability to craft customized and differentiated Search & Match solutions for our customers.  And while our solutions are customized to your needs, our core design approach is proven:

  • We normalize structured and unstructured data including CVs, job descriptions, and your unique recruiting data. 
  • This allows us to vectorize the key signals inherent in the data – putting it into a format that can be mathematically analyzed
  • We enable search of all of your sources at one time, saving recruiters from running the same searches over and over. 
  • Finally, we use sophisticated matching algorithms to compare the holistic characteristics of candidates and positions and produce a unique “match score”. 
One important note is that the data that are normalized could include your own internal data sources as well as external data sources (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) 

Even before automated matching is implemented, an immediate benefit of this approach is the presentation of a unified search interface which saves your recruiters the hassle of having to log on to different systems and repeatedly run the same queries again and again.


The net result of our engagement with you is:

  • A custom configured and tuned Search & Match solution, leveraging your unique recruiting data and expertise
  • Providing both automated matching and a fast, multi-faceted interactive search experience
  • Based on your choice of search engines
  • Applicable for both Web-facing and intranet search applications
  • Scalable to meet global demands

Search Technologies provides consulting and implementation services to help you build a solution that provides you with competitive differentiation in the staffing industry with a direct impact on the effectiveness and productivity of your recruiting processes. 

Types of Recruiting and Staffing organizations we’ve worked with:

  • Full service professional recruiting and staffing firms
  • Online recruiters
  • Corporate HR and staffing for professional consulting firms

Representative Customers:

  • Jobsite
  • ETeach
  • Other confidential leading companies in the industry

Contact us for an informal discussion of how we can get started with our Assessment Service.