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The Search Application Assessment - Details

Search Technologies’ typically approaches search engine implementation projects using a methodology developed through more than 800 customer engagements.

The Search Application Assessment (an “Assessment”) can be used to plan a new search implementation, or for the improvement of an existing system. The output is an Assessment Results document. This can be used by the customer’s in-house team as a blueprint for the implementation project, or the customer may choose to further engage Search Technologies to provide implementation services. 

The Assessment process is not purely technical. It captures and documents the business requirements behind the search project and ensures that these remain in focus. An Assessment is the first step in Search Technologies’ overall project methodology.

service delivery model

The Assessment Results are used to produce a Statement of Work. This is a project and staffing plan which details every task necessary to the implementation, including all aspects of design, installation, quality assurance, testing and production launch. 

The Statement of Work, once agreed by the customer, is used as the basis of a professional services agreement under which the implementation can be delivered. 

An Assessment is led by a named senior Search Technologies consultant who has access to a wide range of specialist colleagues. The process is overseen by Search Technologies’ Chief Architect and approved by the VP of Technology before delivery to the customer. 

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