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Search-Based Applications

Search Technologies is the leading IT services company dedicated to search engines.


A search-based application is generally taken to mean an application that uses a search engine index at its core, rather than a database or other structure. Search engines are extremely good at slicing and dicing information on-the-fly. Search-based applications exploit this capability.

Search Technologies designs and builds search-based applications using the leading search commercial products and open sources alternatives.

Hosting Solutions for Search Based Applications

Search Technologies provides cost effective hosting services specifically designed for search engines and search-based applications

Document Preparation for Search Applications

The preparation of documents prior to indexing is one of the most important factors affecting the success of search applications. It is also one of the most neglected

The Search Application Assessment Process

Our award-winning Assessment service is available for a fixed price and provides a comprehensive plan of action for a search engine project

Data Analysis Services for Search Applications

Data analysis is an important part of the overall tuning of search applications. Search Technologies provides a proven methodology called DPMS

Library of Congress: Search Application Case Study

Search Technologies has implemented the Cataloger’s Desktop 3.0, one of the Library of Congress' flagship search applications, used by information scientists worldwide

Open Source Search Solutions

Search Technologies builds complete search solutions for customers based on Solr Lucene, the leading open source search platform

Search Engine White Papers

This collection of search engine white papers is search product neutral, and written by our staff, based on the experience of more than 250 search engine implementation engagements

Managed Search Services

With Managed Search Services, we take total responsibility for your search applications, so that you can focus on running your business

A Search Engine White Paper for CIOs

This white paper presents 5 key principles that every Chief Information Officer should understand about using search engines to drive important applications

Search Results Quality Management

Poor search results quality is the largest single reason why search applications fail to meet user and business expectations. Our search quality management services address search relevancy head-on

The Unique Challenge of Searching for Names

Recently I’ve been involved in several projects that require searching over lists of names, and so I’ve been thinking a lot about the unique challenges posed by name search applications

Relevancy Ranked Query Completion Service

An increasing number of search applications use automated query completion. This technique is at its most effective where query suggestions are ranked to support the search application's core objectives

Aspire Use Case Examples

Aspire is used to support a wide range of search applications which face challenges of scale, performance or complexity

FAST Search for SharePoint Jump-Start Program

A fixed-price services package providing on-site expertise, implementation, and training for FAST Search for SharePoint 2010

Search Technologies' Partners

Search Technologies maintains expertise in a wide range of popular search engines. Our technolology partners are listed on this page

Search Solutions for Government Portals

Government Agencies can achieve cost savings and deliver better public services by deploying search best practices within public-facing information portals

Expert Search Engine Services

Search Technologies provides a wide range of search engine implementation services, from architecture and design through to implementation, testing, support and managed services

Search Technologies News

The latest news from Search Technologies: New customers, awards, announcements, events...

Google Search Appliance Features

A summary of the main features of the Google Search Appliance

Search Navigators White Paper Download

Making the Most of Search Navigators: A best-practices white paper for search engine software implementation