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Enterprise Search and Big Data Videos

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At the KMWorld 2016 Keynote, Search Technologies' CEO, Kamran Khan, discussed the latest developments in the search and big data market. He also shared real-world stories of organizations that use search, big data, and analytics to improve business results.

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As we are approaching 2017, we'll look at how search and big data analytics have evolved and examine some prominent trends in the coming years. In this video, Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, will highlight the top three developments: real-time personalization, machine learning, and the convergence of search and big data.

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A next-generation platform for preventing data breaches and ensuring compliance

The combination of data growth, disparate data sources, and storage costs is posing a challenge for organizations that seek to mitigate insider threats. Watch the video to see how search and analytics tools offer a cost-effective approach for this use case.

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A case story from a large financial institution

Amidst the growing compliance regulations and costs, our architect discusses how our customer, a large financial institution, used search as a cost-effective approach to data archiving, analytics, and compliance reporting.

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Lucene/Solr Revolution 2015 presentation

Measurable metrics help make impactful search engine improvements over time. The presentation covers common search engine scoring methods, caution for errors, and how to use big data predictive analytics to boost search relevancy. A demo is included.

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A success story from a large e-commerce company

Having an actionable roadmap that lays out the strengths and weaknesses of your e-commerce search functionalities can help enhance your website's usability, navigation, personalisation, and conversion.

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A case story told from an architect's experience

Going beyond simply scanning resume keywords, combining big data and document-to-document match enables recruiters to find qualified candidates faster and easier. How does this recruiting analytics technique work?

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Video-blog series: In the Trenches with Big Data & Search. Part 6

How can our publishing customers use a big data framework to improve search, personalize content, and continuously test search engine performance to optimize subscription revenue?

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Video-blog series: In the Trenches with Big Data & Search. Part 5

How did our insurance agency customer move away from complex SQL queries and leverage a big data framework to detect $100+ million in fraud, in a fraction of the time the legacy process used to take?

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An architect's first-hand experience and insights

The traditional search architecture can be inefficient due to slow content processing and indexing. How a file system staging repository is leveraged to significantly reduce content processing time and ultimately improve users' search experience?

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