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Enterprise Search Experts

Professional Services for Open Source and Commercial Search Engines

Whether you need an enterprise search expert for just a few days or a whole project team for a major enterprise search initiative, we can help.


For more than a decade, with over 200 enterprise search experts, we've delivered consulting and implementation services to over 800 customers worldwide. We provide:

  • Experienced Search Architects and Engineers - for all aspects of enterprise search implementation, from connector and indexing pipeline development to user interfaces and content processing. By working with us, you will have direct access to the world's largest and most experienced search implementation team.
  • Technical and Project Teams - experienced technical and project leaders with 10+ years of industry experience
  • Search Engine Independent Technology Assets - from our 800+ search project engagements, we've developed a collection of technology assets designed for unstructured and structured data acquisition, cleansing, enrichment, and indexing. We provide flexible options to fit your needs, whether you are only looking to license the technology or to have us implement and support your application in the long run.


As a leading consulting company specializing in search and big data analytics, we are experienced with a wide range of search and analytics platforms in the market. This approach enables us to help you evaluate your options and select the most appropriate search engine for your enterprise search use case. Some popular open source and commercial platforms in which we have deep expertise include:

  • Solr
  • Elasticsearch
  • SharePoint / Office365 Search
  • Azure Search
  • Google Search Appliance
  • Oracle Endeca
  • And others


We bring a full range of expert consulting and implementation services to ensure a high-performing enterprise search application, boosting user productivity and information discovery within your organization.

  • Search strategy consulting
  • Application assessment
  • Search quality analysis
  • Search relevancy tuning
  • Managed services and support

Contact us to discuss your enterprise search requirements and find out how our experts can help achieve your goals.