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Search Engine Relevancy Explained

A series of related resources, including blog articles by Paul Nelson, Chief Architect at Search Technologies.

Search Engine Relevancy - The Graduate Course

An in-depth explanation of the main techniques used by search engines to rank documents. This article discussed Term Frequency, Inverse Document Frequency and other term weighting techniques.

What Does Relevant Mean? A Search Engine Relevancy Explanation

A discussion of search engine relevancy, including its history, current status and future directions. Learn "what does relevant mean?" from Paul Nelson, 20 year veteran of the search engine industry.

Relevancy Ranked Query Completion Server

An increasing number of search applications use automated query completion. This technique is at its most effective where query suggestions are ranked to support the search application's core objectives.

Search Engine Scoring

Taking an in-depth look into how engine scoring offers unparalleled insights for fine tuning your search accuracy algorithms.

Innovative Use of Search Engines

At Search Technologies, we pride ourselves in bringing fresh ideas to our customer's search projects. This means providing innovative solutions to current challenges, and new ways to use search engines to gain business advantages.

Expert Search Engine Services

Search Technologies provides a wide range of search engine implementation services, from architecture and design through to implementation, testing, support and managed services.

Search Engine White Papers

This collection of search engine white papers is search product neutral, and written by our staff, based on the experience of more than 250 search engine implementation engagements.

A Search Engine White Paper for CIOs

This white paper presents 5 key principles that every Chief Information Officer should understand about using search engines to drive important applications.

Open Source Search Engine Services

Search Technologies provides a range of services for Solr, Lucene, Mahout and Hadoop, from "experts for hire" to total solutions and managed search services.

Some Aspects of Search Engine Design Are Harder than Others

Paul Nelson, Chief Architect at Search Technologies, discusses aspects of search engine implementation which present "open problems". These are, in principle, harder to solve than problems with clearly defined constraints

Search Results Quality Management

Poor search results quality is the largest single reason why search applications fail to meet user and business expectations. Our search quality management services address search relevancy head-on

What is Your Search Maturity Level?

Paul Nelson, Chief Architect at Search Technologies, defines 10 levels of maturity for search engine implementations, and challenges you to measure your efforts against them.

Enterprise Search Blog

Paul Nelson is a patent-holding pioneer in search engine technology who wrote his first lines of search engine code in the late 1980s.  As Search Technologies' Chief Architect, he has been involved with more than 100 search engine implementation projects.

Technology Assets for Search & Big Data Applications

Search Technologies' Aspire framework supports all of the leading search engines, and ensures that project timescales and budgets can be met in the short term, and total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the search application is controlled.

Why Are Text Search Programmers Different

Text search programming requires a different approach to regular programming, understanding why is vital to the success of a search engine implementation project.

Aspire: The High Performance Content Processing System

Aspire is a search engine independent content processing framework which enables both structured and unstructured information to be optimally prepared for indexing into search engines, or for use in other applications.

Document Preparation for Search Applications

The preparation of documents prior to indexing is one of the most important factors affecting the success of search applications. It is also one of the most neglected.

Managed Search Services

With Managed Search Services, we take total responsibility for your search applications, so that you can focus on running your business.

The Magic and Wonder of Query Parsing

A query parser, simply put, translates your search string into specific instructions for the search engine. It stands between you and the documents you are seeking, and so its role in text retrieval is vital, wonderful, and often acutely frustrating.

Enterprise Search Implementation Services

Search Technologies provides client-side consulting and implementation services for Enterprise Search projects.

The Unique Challenge of Searching for Names

Recently I’ve been involved in several projects that require searching over lists of names, and so I’ve been thinking a lot about the unique challenges posed by name search applications.