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Search Security Audit Service

Are you successfully managing secure information access in your search application?

All organizations restrict access to sensitive information. A wide range of technologies is available for this purpose. In large organizations, security can become complex as different individuals and groups are granted access to information based on projects, roles, or departmental membership.

The complexities involved with security are a common cause of difficulty in Enterprise Search systems. Too often, organizations find themselves forced to choose between overly restricted access via search, and compromising document-level security.

It doesn't have to be this way.

All of the leading search products have the necessary technical capabilities to create full-function, yet secure enterprise search systems. However, the specialized skills and experience necessary to deal with the complexities are not always available.

Search Technologies specializes in the implementation of document-level security using any of the leading search engines, and our audit service is a great place to start.

This fixed-price service will examine your environment, content sets, search applications and end user needs, and provide you with a detailed road map for implementing document-level security without loss of search convenience, performance, or functionality.

The changes and enhancements that we recommend can almost always be implemented using the incumbent search engine.

Following delivery of our Search Security Report, the customer can implement the recommended changes and enhancements, or contract with Search Technologies to assist with the project.

The search security audit is based on our award-winning Search Application Assessment service.

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