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Enterprise Search and Big Data Analytics White Papers

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  • They are written by our experts based on experience from 800+ enterprise search and big data analytics projects.
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Biopharma enterprise data lakes (EDLs) are growing in popularity. But to unlock the full value of the EDL, the key is the ability to derive a 360-degree view of the enterprise from both structured and unstructured data.

Download our e-book to see how various search and analytics applications built on the EDL can help biopharma companies accelerate innovation and increase speed to market.

E-commerce site search greatly influences conversions and revenue. To identify the overall trends of how e-commerce companies are leveraging and optimizing site search, we conducted an exploratory analysis among the top 30 U.S. e-commerce websites. 

Download our report to read more about our findings and best practices for implementing and tuning site search to boost e-commerce revenue.

By incorporating natural language conversations between humans and AI, enterprise chatbots are transforming the modern workplace. In this e-book, we provide an overview of chatbots use cases and how they can enhance your insight discovery, analytics, and business results. Download our e-book to learn how to strategize and deploy a high-performing enterprise chatbot. 

Web data mining is a growing field which can provide powerful insights, helping businesses solve challenges and create new opportunities. If you could download, process, and understand relevant content from the Internet, imagine how much value you can bring to your business. 

In this tutorial, we'll discuss essential data mining tools and techniques for using Internet data to support a wide range of search, BI, and analytics use cases. 

Site search plays a critical role in e-commerce conversion and revenue. Search Technologies conducted research to identify the overall trends of how e-tailers are implementing site search. Our sample consists of 70 UK e-commerce websites. 

Download our report to read about our findings and expert recommendations on how you can implement and improve e-commerce site search features for higher revenue.

The big data revolution has brought more efficient and cheaper data collection and storage. But the massive amount of business data comes with the challenge of doing big data analytics successfully in order to extract actionable business intelligence. 

This e-book highlights the top five big data analytics use cases we have designed and implemented for our customers, including discussions around the challenges, technology stacks, and business results. 

For SharePoint search users, moving content to the cloud can be a cost-effective approach. But what about your on-premises content? How do you select the appropriate deployment path and configurations? This white paper provides an overview of two SharePoint hybrid search options - Hybrid Federated Search and Cloud Hybrid Search. You will also get a deep-dive into the pros and cons, technical requirements, and use cases of each hybrid search option. 

One of the most common ways to improve the performance of search engines is to parallelize the work that needs to be performed. As the data stored in search indices increases, data inside them gets split into multiple shards. 

This tutorial discusses a shard placement technique for improving search engines' query performance. We've successfully applied this technique in several Elasticsearch and Solr search and analytics applications.

Support for the Google Search Appliance (GSA) will end in March 2019. Starting your GSA migration early will ensure a smooth transition and reduce risks. Built with GSA users in mind and around open source search engines, Search Technologies brings a cost-effective, complete solution that replaces your GSA effectively.

This white paper provides you an in-depth look into our GSA Replacement Solution and how it produces identical or better results than the GSA.

With the growth of mobile devices, catering to the needs of mobile users has become critical to business strategy, especially if you have a content-rich or e-commerce centric website, app, or both.

This how-to guide will provide you an overview of the latest trends in mobile app search as well as step-by-step discussions on what to do to improve search experience for your app users.