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E-Book: Your Guide to Selecting a Search and Big Data Consultancy

Is your internal team lacking the bandwidth, resources, or knowledge to fully optimize search applications and derive the insights you’re seeking from your data? 

Search engines and big data applications are tremendously beneficial but complex technologies. And you may lose a lot of the practical, everyday advantages when you aren’t working with someone who knows these technologies inside out. 

However, hiring outside experts is a considerable investment and it’s critical to find the right team for your unique requirements. Before you move forward, we’ve compiled a list of 10 practical things that search and big data consultants should be able to do for you, including:

  1. Helping you assess and decide the most appropriate search engine or big data approaches for your use case
  2. Taking care of content aggregation, indexing, and application scaling 
  3. Evaluating and improving search engine performance using quantifiable metrics
  4. Securing your data and search applications
  5. Making your search and analytics dashboards intuitive
  6. And more...

Download our free guidebook to see the rest of the list and explore each of the 10 criteria in detail.

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