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A Document Preparation Methodology for Search (DPMS)

Search Technologies' Document Preparation Methodology for Search (DPMS) is a collection of tools, techniques, and processes which prepare data for use in search-based applications. 

The majority of business-critical search applications can be significantly enhanced, or even transformed by better document processing prior to indexing.  DPMS reduces complexity and makes search applications more maintainable and flexible.  DPMS also helps search to deliver user-experience excellence in a controllable, cost-effective way. 

Search Technologies' Document Preparation Methodology for Search has been developed during the delivery of more than 50,000 consultant-days of search implementation services. 

This comprehensive white paper provides:

  • A detailed description of best practices in document preparation for search, including system architecture, data model design, implementation planning, quality control and exception handling
  • Useful tools and utilities to use in document processing projects, some of which are open source
  • An illustration of best practices through examples

Written by Search Technologies' staff, this white paper is product agnostic and based on real-world implementation experience.  It will be particularly useful for implementations, such as enterprise search systems, where it is necessary to deal with multiple, disparate data sets.

Read the abridged online version or please let us know the email address we should be sending a PDF copy of the white paper to. A download link will be immediately emailed to you - please check your junk mail if you have a strong email filter.

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