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Storage Optimization Analytics - Reduce Data Storage Costs with Intelligent Cloud Migration

Enterprises routinely maintain Petabytes of content in expensive on-premise storage. Think about the data stored in your file systems, content management systems, databases, and various business applications. Terabytes of data are added to enterprise servers daily, with on-premise data storage costing up to hundreds of dollars per terabyte per month. 

While basic storage solutions can count the bytes and even de-duplicate data, they can’t compute the business value of content or the risk of losing data. For CIOs, IT leaders, and content owners, knowing how much of that data you need and how much of it is low-value, outdated, or duplicate is essential. Combining search and AI, our storage optimization analytics solution is enabling enterprises to better understand their content and reduce storage costs by moving the right data to the cloud. 

Download our white paper to see how the solution can help your organization cut storage costs and improve insight discovery.

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