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Report: U.S. E-Commerce Site Search Evaluation

Top E-Commerce Site Search Features and Best Practices

For e-commerce companies, site search greatly impacts conversion rates and revenue. To identify the overall trends in e-commerce site search performance, our search experts conducted an exploratory analysis to evaluate a sample of 30 websites from eMarketer's list of the top 50 retailers in the U.S. (ranked by online sales).

We leveraged a proven search quality analysis methodology to analyze the 10 most popular e-commerce site search features, including “Did you mean?,” Synonyms, Type-Ahead, Stemming, Product Code Search, and others. 

Download this report to read about:

  • How the top 10 site search features are performing on the sampled U.S. e-commerce websites
  • Best practice examples and expert recommendations for fine-tuning site search features
  • A scorecard for improving e-commerce site search to boost conversion and sales
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