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Search Quality Analysis

Improving Users' Site Search Experience and Your Top Line

E-commerce retailers and online publishers know that customers need to find products easily on their website. Successful search drives a great user experience, increased revenue and customer loyalty.

search quality analysisOur Search Quality Analysis service improves your top line and the user experience by helping customers find what they are searching for on your website by optimizing your query and content processing. Leverage a search engine expert to optimize your existing investment – thereby aligning IT priorities with business goals.

This analysis service complements tuning your search engine for relevancy. Much can be achieved through tweaking algorithms and content processing to improve relevancy. But for business-critical search applications, expert oversight compliments the technology, and maximizes ROI.

We focus on understanding the user’s intent behind the queries and marrying this with your revenue goals. This is where the search analyst can provide specific recommendations for improvements on:

  • Content (desktop vs. mobile) 
  • Metadata
  • User interface 
  • Search features
  • Relevancy algorithms


Deploy an analyst, who can fine tune your existing search engine investment by:

  • Understanding what creates a great site search experience for your users
  • Identifying the customer’s search intent by analyzing web and search logs
  • Recommending content and content processing changes to optimize search results
  • Communicating between the line of business and IT staff to balance revenue and IT needs


Recent engagements with large e-commerce and online publishers have seen the following:

  • Improved search quality of 20% to 55% in queries returning the best possible results
  • Improved customer satisfaction results for site users
  • Increase communication and alignment between business and development stakeholders on the search team
  • Substantive increase in conversion rates and revenue 

Search Technologies provides e-commerce search expertise using leading commercial search solutions like Oracle Endeca, SDL Fredhopper, FACT-Finder, and the Google Search Appliance (GSA), Google Cloud Search, as well as open source search solutions like Elasticsearch and Solr.


Contact us for more details and a consultation on how to get started.