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Search Quality Management

Poor search results quality is the most common reason why search applications fail to meet user and business expectations

Search Technologies helps companies to improve and maintain the quality of search results.  Depending on the customer's needs, we provide:

  • A one-time service, based on an agreed fixed price or on a T&M basis
  • A managed service, monitoring and tuning the search application periodically, as data sets and user circumstances change over time

In most cases the customer's existing search engine has all of the functionality necessary to achieve and maintain excellent quality results. Our experience and expertise will get the best out of any incumbent search product.

Search quality is affected by a number of factors including the nature of the data-set being indexed (which is unique to the customer and in most cases constantly evolving) and the user's needs, which may be diverse.


Search Technologies applies proven methodologies to create and implement a plan for search quality improvement, customized to the search engine in use and the specific data / user landscape.