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Search Engine Expertise

Search Technologies works with a wide range of leading search platforms including Microsoft SharePoint (all versions), the Google Search Appliance, HP Autonomy, Exalead, Attivio, Elasticsearch, Amazon CloludsearchMark Logic, CoveoSolr, Elasticsearch, IBM Data Explorer (Vivisimo)and Sinequa. In addition, we continue to support customers using legacy search systems such as Verity, FAST ESP and RetrievalWare.

For areas of our business for which we have numerous customers and particular expertise, we maintain specific practices. These include:

  • Microsoft SharePoint  Search.  We work with all versions of SharePoint, and all variants of the FAST search engine.  We are a long-standing Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and we were the Worldwide FAST Partner of the Year in 2006.  Since then, we've built one of the most experienced SharePoint Search implementation team globally
  • Google Search Appliances.  We provide training, customization and implementation services.  We're one of Google's most prolific partners with more than 150 GSA enterprise customers. We also provide custom data connectors for the GSA
  • Open Source Solutions based on Solr Lucene, ElasticSearch, Mahout, Hadoop, Nutch, Sphynx, Heritrix, and a range of other established open source technologies.
  • Amazon CloudSearch implementation services, including data connectors, and the design / build of custom search applications using this Solr-based online platform
  • Unstructured content processing tools and services for Big Data applications addressing analytical challenges
  • Government Solutions.  We've designed and implemented (and in some cases we host) a number of leading government information portals, including the US Government Printing Office, NARA, and the Library of Congress.  We also provide a government information portal program for State, Local and City administrations

In addition to expertise, we bring huge experience to our customers' projects, acquired through hundreds of successful customer engagements.