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Categorization for SharePoint 2013 Search


  • SharePoint 2013 has an easy-to-use entity extraction capability to support search, but it does not provide built-in categorization functionality. For organizations who know that good quality metadata is the foundation of search excellence, this presents a challenge
  • Search Technologies provides add-on capabilities for entity extraction and categorization, using a combination of expert services and fully supported plug-in technologies which are based on proven open source software

Search Technologies can provide the following additional capabilities to the SharePoint 2013 search environment:

  • Taxonomy-based categorization, including support for synonyms, multilingual environments and thresholding, based on configurable scoring rules
  • Example-based categorization, using a set of "seed" documents for each concept, and a vector-based approach to matching (the method used by Autonomy IDOL and FAST ESP)

These capabilities are provided as a simple plug-in to the extensibility (content enrichment) stage in the SharePoint 2013 indexing pipeline.

Our experts services, based on more than 8 years experience with the FAST technology and 150+ FAST/SharePoint customers, will ensure project success.

Automated document categorization was first implemented during the 1990s. Its purpose is to auto-generate metadata. Since then, two fundamentally different techniques have evolved. For background information about these techniques, download our Categorization White Paper

Our plug-in technology for SharePoint 2013 supports both of these mainstream categorization techniques (taxonomy-based and seed-based). Further:

  • Our approach is open and customizable. It enables any existing resources or assets to be re-purposed with SharePoint 2013 search
  • Our architectural approach makes it easy for Knowledge Management staff to work with the SharePoint team within corporate IT

The above functionality is usually implemented as part of a services engagement. Maintenance and support for the installed software is available under a service-level agreement.

For further information, please contact us.