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Atlassian Confluence Connector for SharePoint 2013 Search

Search Technologies delivers data connectors for Confluence under a services agreement to ensure that customer needs are fully catered for, using the Aspire Content Processing Framework. Our custom connectors for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 provide early-binding security, and metadata mapping functionality.

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Search Technologies provides search implementation services and data connectors to more than 150 Microsoft customers, worldwide.


SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Search

Enterprise search solutions for large SharePoint 2013 environments, delivered through expert services, and the use of established best practices.

SharePoint Search Metadata

Metadata is the foundation of enterprise search excellence. Tools, services and best practice advice from the leading IT services company dedicated to search engine implementation.

SharePoint 2013 Content Enrichment

Metadata drives key SharePoint search functions such as sorting by property and search navigators. Content enrichment provides the metadata...

Classification for SharePoint 2013

All enterprise search systems, including SharePoint 2013 search, benefit from consistent, high-quality metadata. Automatic classification is one approach to generating additional metadata to support the search process.