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Content Enrichment for SharePoint 2013 Search

Metadata dives a range of important enterprise search functions


  • SharePoint 2013 provides some functionality for entity extraction. However, this is not suitable for all metadata auto-generation scenarios
  • SharePoint 2013 search has no built-in categorization or classification functionality
  • However, it does have an extensibility module within the indexing pipeline, specifically for the purpose of content enrichment
  • Based on our experience of working with Microsoft FAST (the search engine embedded in SharePoint 2013) since 2005, and the delivery of more than 150 search implementation projects to Microsoft customers, Search Technologies provides a comprehensive solution for content enrichment


SharePoint 2013 search is set to become the de facto enterprise search platform within many organizations, and the importance of plentiful, accurate metadata to the success of enterprise search cannot be overstated.

Unlike many search applications which only need to contend with a single data source, enterprise search typically involves a wide variety of content sources. This variety necessitates a pragmatic approach to content enrichment.

Our contention is that content enrichment is best achieved using a combination of:

  • Fully supported software tools which cope with a range of enrichment needs and circumstances
  • Backed by expert implementation and support services

Using this approach, the right technological methods can be applied on merit to each content source, and where necessary, methodologies can be combined to provide the rich metadata environment which is the foundation of enterprise search excellence.


We are confident that our pragmatic approach to content enrichment, which is being adopted by an increasing number of sophisticated enterprise search customers, can deliver:

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • A strategic approach to content enrichment, applicable to any application where unstructured content is involved
  • Increased agility for leveraging content assets throughout the organization via SharePoint 2013

Our content enrichment solutions for SharePoint 2013 search are based on the Aspire Content Processing framework, which is fully integrated with SharePoint 2013 using the Microsoft-approved Web Services approach.

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