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SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Search Solutions

Search Technologies has provided services to more than 150 Microsoft customers. Search is all we do, and since becoming FAST Partner of the Year in 2006, we have built unparalleled expertise in the deployment of Microsoft search products.

In larger organizations, enterprise search has to cope with complex environments containing disparate data sets, connectivity challenges, and continuously growing data volumes. The core search engine within SharePoint 2013 is capable and powerful. However, customization and expertise are needed to ensure enterprise search satisfaction.

Working with SharePoint 2013, Search Technologies provides the missing ingredients. The solution lies in a combination of SharePoint-compliant add-on technologies, expert services, and proven processes.

The majority of large organizations currently deploying SharePoint 2013 do not possess the skills or experience to ensure that enterprise search works efficiently and effectively.

We can help.

All aspects of collaboration and information sharing within large SharePoint environments work better when supported by effective, relevant, enterprise search capabilities.

For further information, or to discuss your SharePoint 2013 enterprise search needs, contact us.

SharePoint 2013 Search Assessment

With experience dating back to 2005, Search Technologies is one of the leading providers of expert services for SharePoint 2013 Search

Microsoft FAST / SharePoint Customers

Search Technologies provides implementation and consulting services to 150+ organizations who use Microsoft SharePoint Search and FAST

Classification for SharePoint 2013

All enterprise search systems, including SharePoint 2013 search, benefit from consistent, high-quality metadata. Automatic classification is one approach to generating additional metadata to support the search process