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SharePoint 2013 Search Assessment

Work with the World's Leading SharePoint Search Implementation Specialists

With more than 150 SharePoint search and FAST customers, and with a deep knowledge of the FAST search engine dating back to 2005, Search Technologies is well placed to help organizations to create enterprise search excellence based on SharePoint 2013.

Our SharePoint 2013 Search Assessment service provides a detailed blueprint for delivering a brilliant search experience through SharePoint 2013. 

Based on our proven Search Assessment service which has been fine-honed through 50,000+ consultant days of implementation experience, this service will provide the best possible start to your SharePoint 2013 search initiative.

This service is flexible and will be customized to your specific requirements. For example, it is applicable to organizations who:

  • Already have an enterprise search infrastructure in place, based on FAST ESP, Autonomy IDOL or other leading enterprise search products. Our Assessment service helps these customers to ensure that their existing investment in search technology is carried forward into SharePoint 2013, without loss of features or functionality
  • Are looking at SharePoint 2013 as their first serious enterprise-wide search initiative. Our Assessment helps these customers to focus on what is important, matching the functionality of SharePoint 2013 search to their data sets, user needs and circumstances
  • Where functionality gaps are identified, we will recommend approaches or add-on technologies



A comprehensive report and project plan is delivered to the customer, together with an executive presentation of the main findings. The report includes:

  • Estimated effort levels and costs to achieve the desired search functionality
  • Best practices and recommendations for the implementation approach

We may also find innovative new ideas for exploiting SharePoint 2013 to further your business objectives.

For further information, or for an informal discussion of your specific needs, please contact us.