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Auto-Classification for SharePoint 2013 Search

Good quality metadata is the foundation of effective enterprise search, because it is the basis of search navigation, and it is helpful to relevancy calculations.

SharePoint 2013 does not provide standard functionality for document classification. However, it does provide a Web Services call-out capability within the standard indexing pipeline, and this can be used, together with third party software tools, to provide a full auto-classification solution.

The automatic classification of documents during the indexing process is one of a number of approaches available for metadata generation. Further, there are a range of approaches and algorithms available, and the approach taken will affect the quality and consistency of metadata produced. 

Both the nature of the content to be classified, and the use cases for the metadata to be generated should be taken into account in choosing an approach. Where the content to be indexed is diverse in nature (which is typically the case in SharePoint environments, especially if legacy sources such as file shares and document management systems are to be indexed too) then it may be appropriate to deploy more than one approach to auto-classification. 

A cost effective way to get started is through our fixed-price search assessment service.

Search Technologies provides classification solutions using our Aspire Content Processing framework, complimented by expert services, which are available throughout North and Central America, and in Europe.

For further information, or to arrange an informal discussion of your classification needs and ideas, contact us.