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SharePoint 2013 Search Consulting


  • Search effectiveness is the key to ROI in an integrated SharePoint 2013 environment
  • Get it right, and productivity will be greatly improved across your organization
  • If you are a large organization currently implementing SharePoint 2013, a modest investment in expert consulting, made now, can save you a lot of money over the next few years

During the past 10+ years, Enterprise search surveys have consistently shown that most enterprise search projects have failed to live up to their potential. Based on our experience in implementing enterprise search for numerous large organizations, we predict that most SharePoint 2013 search systems will similarly disappoint, and for the same reasons.

  • Technology is not the issue. Adopting the right approach, processes, and implementation best practices are also necessary to ensure success
  • 99% of corporate IT departments do not possess the necessary expertise
  • Most organizations neglect these aspects and hope that technology alone will pull them through. They are invariably disappointed by the results

As data sets grow, the situation will deteriorate further. It always does. 

There is a better way.

Why not engage with us early in your SharePoint implementation cycle. Search Technologies has provided consulting and implementation services to more than 500 organizations worldwide. We have been a Gold-certified Microsoft partner, with search-related competencies, for the past 5 years. 

Nobody understands how to get the most out of Microsoft search environments like we do.

A consulting engagement with us will ensure that you:

  • Deliver a consistently excellent enterprise search experience
  • Put processes in place to maintain excellence over the long-term
  • Identify and mitigate dangers and project risks up-front
  • Set yourself up for low on-going cost-of-ownership

Our rates are reasonable, and our consultants are highly experienced in enterprise search. We will help you to define strategy, avoid pit-falls, and make the most of the search capabilities built into SharePoint 2013.

For an informal discussion of your circumstances, contact us.