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SharePoint 2013 Search Connector for Documentum

A High Performance Data Connector for Documentum

SharePoint 2013 provides a standard data connector for Documentum. However, in some circumstances, especially where a large or highly customized Documentum system is involved, the standard connector may not be able to fully meet requirements.

Search Technologies' Documentum Connector provides additional flexibility and functionality for indexing Documentum content into SharePoint 2013 for enterprise search purposes. It is also compatible with SharePoint 2010 (FS4SP). 

Combined with our expert services, this connector provides a solution for complex Documentum + SharePoint 2013 scenarios.

Features include:

  • Full, early binding security, capable of handling large numbers of ACLs
  • A flexible architecture to optimize indexing performance, taking account of the network environment
  • Metadata mapping and entity extraction capabilities to optimize the search experience

Maintenance and support services are available for this Documentum to SharePoint 2013 connector.

For pricing and further details, please contact us.


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