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SharePoint 2013 Data Connector Strategy


  • As large organizations engage with SharePoint 2013, many find that it is necessary to include non-SharePoint data sources within the search experience
  • SharePoint 2013 Search provides the core search functionality necessary to cope with diverse data sets, subject to appropriate content processing prior to indexing
  • But as content volumes continue to grow, it is common for data connectivity to be the bottleneck in providing enterprise search excellence, via SharePoint 2013

Simply put, in large organizations, where every repository of business information is locked down with document-level security, continuous data growth must be taken into account, and this necessitates a data connector strategy.

At Search Technologies, we combine experience, expertise and pragmatism to help customers define and implement a cost-effective data connectivity strategy for SharePoint 2013 search. This starts by fully understanding the customer's non-SharePoint repositories, content volumes, growth-rates, and search-user needs. Every organization has a unique set of challenges when it comes to data connectivity for search. Based on a solid understanding of the customer's situation, we will propose a strategy which:

  • Uses standard SharePoint, or 3rd party commercial off-the-shelf connector software wherever that is practical
  • Takes into account the difficulties that the growing volume of content imposes on repositories and IT infrastructure
  • Balances the need for keeping the search experience current, but at the same time, not imposing disruptive load onto repositories (most business repositories and large file shares are not set up for bulk export or frequent, large-scale crawling)

Bottom Line: We can help you to define a sustainable and cost effective data connector strategy, which is fully compatible with SharePoint 2013, and Microsoft supported approaches.

Search Technologies has been a GOLD certified Microsoft Partner for the past six years, and has provided services to more than 150 Microsoft customers, helping them to achieve enterprise search excellence.