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Enterprise Search with SharePoint 2013


In this context, Enterprise Search means systems with the following key characteristics:

  • Indexing multiple, disparate content repositories, heterogeneous in nature, and typically distributed around the corporate network
  • Serving a range of user requirements, from deep research to simple fact checking, and supporting business-critical processes through customized search capabilities
  • Diligently respecting all document-level security restraints imposed by the originating content repositories involved

At Search Technologies, we refer to this class of search application as "corporate-wide search."



Thanks to the FAST legacy, SharePoint 2013 contains a solid, scalable search engine, capable of coping with very large data sets. It also provides an impressive range of options for configuring and tuning the search experience to the needs of user communities. Where all content to be indexed resides within SharePoint, then the native tools provided with SharePoint 2013 can typically be set up and administered by general (non-specialized) SharePoint IT staff.

However, enterprise search systems have added complexities, because of the need to:

  • Index content from other content repositories, business systems, and file shares
  • Normalize and enrich content, to enable search algorithms to sensibly compare and rank disparate document types and formats (and importantly, normalize metadata into a consistent schema)


Search Technologies provides deep experience with Microsoft search products, SharePoint search expertise, proven processes, and supporting software tools. This combination of technologies and skills enables our customers to build compelling enterprise search systems, based on SharePoint 2013. Many of the world's leading evangelists of SharePoint are already working with us.

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White paper: Enterprise search with SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 provides a strong and capable search engine.  Many organizations now adopting SharePoint 2013 have ambitions to provide search across a wider range of content that cannot, or will not, be migrated into SharePoint. This white paper explores best practices for indexing content from across the organization into SharePoint.