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SharePoint Search 2013 "Best Bets"

SharePoint 2013 retains this important search functionality, but the name has changed

In SharePoint 2013, Best Bets are now known as Promoted Results.

  • Best Bets provide AdWords-like functionality for SharePoint search
  • This enables specific content to be "hardwired" to queries, ensuring that particular document will appear at the top of results lists, regardless of relevancy ranking calculations
  • It enables content to be promoted in an administratively easy way, and without having to alter the way that relevancy is calculated

SharePoint 2013 administration staff are able to set up and administer Promoted Results, which are a type of query rule, via the Search Service Application.

Common uses of Best Bets functionality include

  • Temporarily promoting items, such as events
  • Providing exposure for content that contains little or no indexable content
  • Serving important or popular content against relevant, but non-obvious queries

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