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SharePoint 2013 Search Connectors


  • SharePoint 2013 provides, as standard, an excellent enterprise search infrastructure applications
  • It is highly configrable, and customizable
  • Yet a foundation for enterprise success, is including important content sets and databases that are external to SharePoint. For example,  legacy systems, business applications, and file shares that are not likely to be migrated into SharePoint
  • The key objective is fast access via search in SharePoint to all important content held elsewhere

SharePoint data connectors for search are a foundation for this.

One of the most challenging aspects of achieving true enterprise search, is connectivity. Important content is usuunderstandably locked down hard under security regimes, and held in 3rd party repositories.

Search Technologies has huge experience with secure search environments, and we help customers to build secure, and highly relevent search systems based on SharePoint 2013, and other leading search engines.

Successful enterprise search projects are built on a foundation of content connectivity. If it cannot be indexed, then it is not searchable.

In our view, neglect of connectivity leads to enterprise search project failure. SharePoint 2013 search provides excellent search capabilities, but they only deliver value when all of the important content is included in the search experience.

Simply put, enterprise search can be implemented in a fully secure manner. The bottom line is this: If you do not have read access to a record or document, then it will never appear in search results that you receive.

SharePoint 2013 provides a solid infrastructure for this.  Yet, care is needed in terms of how 3rd party content is blended into the search experience. This is a known science, and we have done it many times.

It all depends on the details.

  • What are your important repositories?
  • What is their transaction rate?
  • How often should they be re-indexed for search purposes?
  • Have you considered topological issues?
  • Do you have a strategy to unifying metadata, in order to drive value-added search functions such as navigators, or sorting results by property.


Brilliant enterprise search systems can be built using SharePoint 2013 Search. A key foundation for enterprise search excellence is a Sharepoint search connectivity strategy.

We can help you put that together, contact us.