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SharePoint Search Not Working as Expected? Improve Search Performance with Expert Help

SharePoint Metadata, Information Architecture, Indexing, Relevance Tuning, and More

Without specialized search expertise or internal resources, organizations using SharePoint often encounter challenges within their SharePoint search applications. And underperforming search can adversely affect information discovery and collaboration. 


From our experience helping many organizations build, fix, and support search functionalities in SharePoint (2010, 2013, 2016, Online) and FAST ESP, we have seen a number of common signs indicating that your SharePoint search is not working as well as intended:   

User Experience

  • Users’ perception that search results are hard to find or not relevant
  • Users can’t find specific documents they know have been added to SharePoint 
  • Inconsistent search experience as users are not well aware of different search functionalities available to them
  • Occasional search performance issues are reported but varied across different users

Configurations and Functionalities

  • Missing, inconsistent, or incorrectly applied metadata
  • Missing or poor stemming feature (a search engine’s ability to handle different forms or endings of a word) 
  • Precision (a small number of closely matching results) and recall (throwing a wider net to catch all possibly matching documents) are not fine-tuned
  • Slow query response time

Performance Measurements

  • The information architecture team has limited visibility of how end users are interacting with SharePoint search.
  • If your organization uses Google Analytics or similar platforms to track search activities, it’s difficult to measure relevance-ranking performance for all user journeys as they may not allow the storage of uniquely identifiable data.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner with extensive experience supporting Microsoft FAST and SharePoint users, we rely on best practices and proven SharePoint tuning techniques to help organizations eliminate roadblocks and enhance overall end-user experience.

Some of our SharePoint search services include:  

  • Identify problems in your SharePoint infrastructure and recommend resolution
  • Develop an information architecture that scales for large amounts of data and supports a good search experience
  • Provide SharePoint connectors to bring data from various sources into SharePoint
  • Document-level security for content controlled by multiple authentication systems
  • Search relevance tuning and advanced SharePoint search feature implementation, such as custom navigation, search refiners, auto-suggestions, rank boosting, etc. 
  • Metadata improvement
  • Provide greater visibility into search performance with quality analysis and engine scoring
  • Integration with analytics, machine learning, and reporting solutions 
  • Managed services with enterprise-level SLAs
  • User training to help your organization take full advantage of SharePoint capabilities

Contact us to discuss your search challenges and how we can help improve your SharePoint search experience.