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SharePoint Search Refiners


Perhaps the single most important innovation in search during the past 15 years, has been the use of metadata-driven faceted search, to help users customize search results, one click at a time. 

In SharePoint 2013, these search navigation options are referred to as search refiners

Anyone who uses Ebay, Amazon, or Autotrader is familiar with the concept (and that means most of us). Search refiners help us narrow our query and focus on relevant results to suit our immediate purposes.

Refiners are an extremely important part of the enterprise search experience, and the good news is that SharePoint fully supports search refiners.

SharePoint search refiners are metadata-driven. 


Within many organizations adopting SharePoint 2013, a number of important content sets will be external (content management systems, databases, business social networks, SaaS applications, etc). The capture of metadata from source repositories, and the automated augmentation of metadata to ensure that SharePoint Managed Properties are complete and of appropriate quality, is the foundation of great search refinement options.

In short, achieving enterprise search excellence with SharePoint 2013 requires a focus on the capture, creation, and organization of high-quality metadata.


SharePoint 2013 search is based on the FAST search engine, acquired by Microsoft in 2008. Search Technologies was named as FAST Worldwide Partner of the Year in 2006, and since then, we have helped hundreds of organizations to optimally implement Microsoft search solutions.

We provide a fixed-price, SharePoint 2013-specific Search Application Assessment service to help you embed best practices into your plans for SharePoint 2013 search.

Contact us for an informal discussion on how we can help improve your SharePoint with search refiners.