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SharePoint Search Tuning Services

microsoft-partner-180x100-border.jpgSharePoint is a highly complex and flexible product with a large number of extensibility points and features, and therefore a large number of moving parts. To have excellent SharePoint search performance, continuous tuning is needed.  At Search Technologies, we have helped hundreds of organizations configure and tune SharePoint search solutions that are on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.


Without specialized search expertise or internal resources, SharePoint users and administrators often encounter inefficiencies or roadblocks within their SharePoint Search application. Common issues with SharePoint search include:

  • The search results displayed at the top are not relevant 
  • Information is difficult to find, especially if the content comes from multiple business repositories
  • Users are unable to find specific documents that they knew had been added to SharePoint either by themselves or by a close colleague
  • Missing, incorrect, or inconsistent metadata
  • Search experience is not consistent – it may be good for some users but not for others in the same organization
  • Search speed is slow


As a Microsoft Gold Partner with extensive experience supporting Microsoft FAST and SharePoint users, we rely on best practices and proven SharePoint search tuning techniques to help improve your information architecture, search relevance, and overall end-user satisfaction. Some examples of techniques that can enhance a majority of SharePoint search applications are:

  • Search quality analysis
  • Metadata improvement 
  • Click and search log analysis (engine scoring)
  • Ranking tuning and boosting
  • Results customization
  • Data connectivity improvement


As with many of our SharePoint search tuning projects, our assessment is an approach that has worked well for our customers:

  • We start with an assessment (often on-site) to understand your requirements and evaluate your current SharePoint environment to identify gaps.  
  • We then provide you with a detailed report with our findings and recommendations for improvements.
  • You can then decide to implement the recommendations internally or have our team help with the implementation and ongoing support. 

Contact us to discuss your SharePoint search needs and learn how we can help.