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A SocialCast Connector for Elasticsearch

Search Technologies provides a data connector for SocialCast, the enterprise social networking platform, enabling SocialCast content to be indexed into Elasticsearch.

Based on our Aspire Connector framework, this SocialCast data connector is typically delivered with implementation services. 

  • It provides support for document-level security, so searchers will only see SocialCast content in search results if they have read access to that content within SocialCast
  • Maintenance and support are available for this connector, under a service-level agreement.

Elasticsearch is the leading open source enterprise search platform, providing a choice of free usage under the Apache 2.0 license, or a subscription service providing commercial-grade maintenance and support services.

Search Technologies is the leading IT services company dedicated to enterprise search implementation.

For further information about our SocialCast data connector, please contact us.


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