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Document Categorization for Solr

Search Technologies provides tools and technologies that enable fast, accurate document categorization to be implemented with Solr.

Our tools support both of the primary approaches to categorization:

  • The vocabulary-based approach, using a taxonomy (optionally with synonyms and latching rules) or other semantic resources
  • Example-based categorization, utilizing seed documents, the approach used by Autonomy IDOL and FAST ESP

In some cases, a combination of these methods provides the best results. Read our categorization white paper for background information.

Aspire - Free to Download
During the past 5 years, and through dozens of Solr-centric customer engagements, we've developed Aspire, which can be viewed as a bolt-on indexing pipeline for Solr.

If you have your own technical team with java skills, then the freely downloadable version of  Aspire could be a great starting point for your project.

The enterprise version of Aspire, typically delivered together with our implementation services, provides a comprehensive, flexible and fully supported solution for Solr categorization needs. 

For further information, please contact us.