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E-commerce Search with Solr


  • When it comes to selling online, search directly and transparently impacts the top and bottom lines.
  • Implementing brilliant e-commerce search is not a one-time exercise. It is achieved through a combination of planning, sustainable processes, and the smart use of technology
  • Effective search ensures that customers find the products they need, encourages them to explore your inventory and provides explicit, valuable feedback for merchandisers
  • Search relevancy is personal and should use an appropriate combination of individual, peer-group, and generalized intelligence to subtly coax orders from the visitor


Search is the online equivalent of a professional sales person, who walks the floors of bricks-and-mortar stores and gently guides the customer to a mutually satisfying purchase decision. The impact of search on revenues and margins is both measurable and direct. As an open source search engine, Solr provides the functionality and flexibility for e-commerce companies to tailor site search to their business goals. Learn more about our Solr consulting and implementation services.

A well-configured e-commerce search system provides merchandisers with:

  • Real-time control over, and immediate feedback from campaigns and promotions
  • The ability to continuously experiment, learn, and optimize
  • The ability to display and customize relevant, high-value product results for online shoppers, boosting retention and conversion rates

Few aspects of online commerce can compete with a comprehensive, sustainable search strategy in terms of direct and measurable impact on revenues and profitability.

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