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E-Commerce Search Using Apache Solr


  • Solr has all of the core features necessary to build a great e-commerce search system
  • Configuration to suit specific circumstances is usually necessary, especially for relevancy tuning, best bets, and other features to support merchandizing
  • Add on capabilities to address content preparation prior to indexing, and for advanced query processing, can help maximize revenues from visitor search activity


  • Search Technologies provides consulting and implementation services, expertise and add on software components, with which excellent ecommerce solutions can be built and deployed cost effectively.
  • More than a hundred Solr customers have benefited from our expertise and services during the past four years
  • Search Technologies is also fully familiar with leading commercial alternatives, such as Oracle Endeca, and can help you to choose the right search strategy for your e-commerce needs


For further information, please contact us, or download our white paper Solr for E-Commerce Search.

Magento: Solr Search Enhancement

Search Technologies, the leading IT services company dedicated to search engines, provides Solr customization services for the Magento e-commerce application


Solr Relevancy Tuning Service

A services engagement for improving the relevancy of search results within an existing Solr Lucene implementation