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E-Commerce Site Search Using Solr


E-commerce site search's effectiveness plays a critical part in maximizing online revenues from visitors' search activities once they are on your website.

  • Solr has all of the core features necessary to build a great e-commerce site search system.
  • Custom configurations to Solr to suit specific circumstances are usually necessary, especially for relevancy tuning, best bets, product code search, and other features to support merchandising.
  • Solr search engine can also support add-on capabilities for content preparation prior to indexing and for advanced query processing. 


  • Search Technologies provides Solr consulting and implementation services, expertise, and add-on software components, with which excellent e-commerce solutions can be built and deployed cost-effectively.
  • Multiple e-commerce customers leveraging Solr site search have benefited from our expertise and services.
  • Search Technologies is fully familiar with leading commercial alternatives, such as Oracle Endeca, and can help you to choose the right search strategy for your e-commerce site search needs.
  • We are experienced with e-commerce replatforming projects, including migrating to and from Solr (e.g. Endeca to Solr, Elasticsearch to Solr, SLI Systems to Solr, SAP Hybris to Solr, etc.)


For further information, please contact us, or download our white paper Solr for E-Commerce Search.

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