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Solr for Enterprise Search


  • Solr Lucene is a robust, capable, and widely-deployed open source search engine
  • However, it lacks a robust indexing pipeline, and this is important for any application where search features are driven by metadata
  • Search Technologies' Aspire content processing framework is used to prepare content prior to indexing into Solr. This includes metadata extraction and mapping, document cleaning and normalization.
  • Aspire is used in conjunction with Solr by dozens of Government departments, publishers, and blue-chip companies



Aspire provides Solr customers with:

  • A growing range of off-the-shelf data connectors and toolkit for developing new custom connectors
  • the ability to handle complex security setups, including nested ACLs and multiple authentication systems
  • A range of ready-made processing components for entity extraction, categorizing documents, cleaning and filtering content prior to indexing

Contact us for further details, or explore the capabilities of Aspire content processing and Premium Data Connectors for Solr.