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Solr for Publishing Applications


  • Solr is now the dominant search engine for Web publishing applications
  • With tuning and customization, it can provide great relevancy, plus all of the sorting and navigational features needed to enable high-value content sets to be easily explored and exploited
  • Solr is open and flexible, it enables publishers to create agile environments, and stay ahead of the game



Solr provides the core technology. Search Technologies adds the expertise and experience to create search experiences that drive business success.

Our customers include Reed Elsevier, Reed Business International, Bloomberg, the BBC, the US Government, the Library of Congress, and dozens of other leading publishers.

Our value proposition is a complete understanding of:

  • Solr, and its strengths and weaknesses
  • The publishing business
  • The importance of search within publishing, and how to optimally configure it


Not only is Solr probably your lowest cost option for providing search excellence and easy access to your valuable content, it may also be the best option, in terms of search quality.

Work with us to make it happen. For an informal discussion, contact us.