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Solr & Hadoop Integration

Search Technologies is the leading IT services company dedicated to enterprise search and unstructured big data applications.


  • When it comes to searching Hadoop data, Solr is the natural choice.
  • Both technologies belong to the Apache Software Foundation.
  • Commercial versions of this integration are also available, for example, Cloudera Search.
  • However, large data sets pose relevancy challenges. The bigger the data set, the more difficult it is to provide relevant results.

This is where Search Technologies can help. We provide cost-effective services to help implement and tune Solr implementations in relevancy, functionality, and performance terms.



  • The fact that you found this page probably means that you are considering using Solr to provide search capabilities over data held in Hadoop.
  • You may be looking to use the open source versions of these established technologies, or leaning towards commercially licensed packages of Solr and Hadoop
  • Either way, creating effective search applications over large data sets requires experience and expertise.

This is where Search Technologies can help.

As with needles in haystacks, the larger a data set becomes, the more difficult it is to pinpoint useful, actionable information. The solution lies in a combination of experience, expertise, and add-on tools, many of which are available as open source.

The objective is to customize the search process to meet the precise needs of the application

  • For interactive search applications, this means happier users
  • For analysis applications, this means more meaningful and actionable output

We provide services at competitive daily rates, and we have already implemented more than 100 Solr-based customer projects, a growing number of which use Hadoop.



We have ideas and best practices that you need to know concerning how to architect search systems in a Hadoop environment.

Contact us for an informal discussion of your Solr / Hadoop ambitions and applications.

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