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Solr for Intranet Search Applications


  • Cost effective intranet search solutions can be built using Solr
  • Solr provides all of the key functions for intranet search
  • With configuration and customization, full document-level security can be implemented
  • Solr is mature, highly robust, and scalable



Search Technologies provides consulting, implementation services, and training to help organizations deploy Solr to improve their intranet search capabilities. Still today, the majority of intranets provide poor "findability." There is no reason or excuse for this.

Whatever your situation or needs, we can help you to provide a fast, effective intranet search capability to your company, using Solr.

For further information, or an informal discussion of your situation, please contact us.

Data Connectors for Solr

Search Technologies' range of  Data Connectors is available for Solr, providing built-in early-binding security and metadata mapping functionality. 

Solr Support Services

Search Technologies provides Solr support under a commercial-grade Services Level Agreement. Options include 24/7 cover

Solr for Enterprise Search

Solr Enterprise search solutions from the largest IT services company dedicated to search engine implementation