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Solr Open Source Search Solutions


  • For a growing number of search applications, the Solr Lucene open source search platform meets customer requirements in full
  • Search Technologies maintains a service practice delivering custom Solr Lucene search solutions
  • We support our Solr Lucene implementations under Service Level Agreements that are equivalent to those of all of the leading commercial search vendors
  • We also provide Solr Lucene expert services to customer implementation teams and systems integrators


  • Benchmarking and Application Assessment: We can help you decide if open source search is suitable for your application.  Use our award winning Search Application Assessment Service to provide a detailed report of how Solr Lucene compares with licensed alternatives for your search application.
  • Solution Building:  We provide total solutions, from architecture and design through implementation, testing and production launch
  • Experts for Hire:  If you need additional development bandwidth, we have Solr Lucene experts available across the Americas and in the UK
  • Design Services:  We provide architectural guidance to companies looking to roll out Solr Lucene using internal IT staff
  • Software Maintenance and Support:  We support and maintain Solr Lucene to the standard you would expect from commercially licensed software.  This includes bug fixes and software upgrades. Our size, experience and financial stability enable a growing range of customers to deploy Solr Lucene into business-critical applications with complete confidence

Contact us to discuss whether your search application requirements can be met using open source.

Lucene and Solr are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation.