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Solr Relevancy Boosting and Tuning Services


  • Search Technologies has helped more than 100 customers to design, configure and implement Solr-based search applications
  • Relevancy is of course situation specific. Excellent relevancy can be achieved with Solr, through the use of standard Solr capabilities, and where necessary, add-on technologies
  • The most common scenario where add-on technologies are needed, is where the data being indexed is not supportive of relevancy ranking. Where this is the case, the solution usually lies in content processing, prior to indexing, to clean, normalize and enrich content



Search Technologies provides both expert services and software tools for Solr relevancy tuning. If you are looking to boost certain aspects of Solr relevancy, contact us for an initial discussion. Our services engagements are priced at competitive daily rates.



Our Aspire content processing system is extensively used with Solr. Two versions are available:

  • Aspire Community is a free-to-download version for Java programmers
  • Aspire Enterprise provides additional functionality, and is available with a commercial-grade Service Level Agreement

Data Connectors for Solr

Search Technologies' provides a range of data connectors for Solr Lucene, providing early-binding security and metadata mapping functionality. 

Solr Maintenance & Support Services

Commercial-grade maintenance and support for Solr implementations, including 24 / 7, hosting, and managed services options.