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The Solr Search Engine

Apache Solr is an enterprise-capable, open source search platform based on the Apache Lucene search library. The Solr search engine is one of the most widely deployed search platforms worldwide.

Solr is written in Java and provides both a RESTful XML interface and a JSON API with which search applications can be built.

The Solr search engine enjoys a reputation for being extremely stable, scalable, and reliable. It is under constant development by a large community of open source committers, under the direction of the Apache Software Foundation. It provides a rich set of core search functions. Well-implemented Solr-based search and big data analytics applications can help enterprises increase productivity and enhance business results.


Most Solr search applications are web-facing. However, it is also used as the basis for intranet and enterprise search solutions. In addition, Solr is often used in Hadoop-based "big data" projects, and it is the basis for products such as Cloudera Search.

Solr does not provide a user interface, although this is easily addressed using tools such as Apache Velocity (also open source), or commercial alternatives such as TwigKit.

Unlike some commercial search engines, Solr does not provide a full-function indexing pipeline for tasks, such as content cleansing, categorization, and entity extraction. However, third-party tools are available for this. Search Technologies' Aspire Content Processing platform is a popular choice and is used for supporting Solr search within a wide range of commercial and public sector organizations, including the US Library of Congress, the BBC, and Reed Elsevier.


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Solr is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.