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Solr Training in London

Search Technologies, now part of Accenture, has provided consulting, implementation services, and training to hundreds of organisations, worldwide. With a strong presence in the London area, we provide Solr training for:

  • Web-facing Solr apps, including website search, e-commerce, and commercial publishing
  • Enterprise search solutions and intranet applications

Our Solr customers in the UK include the BBC and Reed Business International.


Options for London-based Solr training, include:

  • Class-based, standardised courses
  • Customised training at the client's offices, tailored to meet the specific needs of the situation


To discuss your Solr training needs in the London area, contact us or email

Data Connectors for Solr

Search Technologies' range of premium data connectors is available for Solr / Lucene, providing built-in early-binding security and metadata mapping functionality. 

Solr Relevancy Tuning Service

A services engagement for improving the relevancy of search results within an existing Solr Lucene implementation.