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Structuring the Unstructured


  • The first step to deriving value from the 80%+ of enterprise content that is unstructured, it to add structure to it
  • It matters a lot how you go about this. If insights gained are to be actionable, then confidence is needed in underlying data, and the methods used to add structure
  • Human-generated content is very different to machine generated data. It requires a different approach
  • As the leading enterprise search implementation company, we know how to do this. We've helped hundreds of customers to add structure, driving search and related applications

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Aspire can be used for any application which requires unstructured or partially-structured content to be cleaned, filtered, enriched, normalized, or otherwise processed.

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Aspire is an information management tool which cleans, normalizes and enriches both structured and unstructured data to optimize the performance of search engines and other applications

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