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Textual ETL: A Key Component for Big Data Applications


  • Traditional ETL operates on structured data, originally created by computers
  • Structured data is highly consistent and predicatble in terms of format. Think log files, transaction records, etc.
  • 80% of the world's data is unstructured (textual) or semi-structured in nature
  • More to the point, much of this 80% was created by humans
  • The variability of human-created content stands in huge contrast to the predictable, uniform nature of structured data
  • Humans are insonsistent, emotional, complex, and quite simply unique, in their content creation behaviour

Bottom line: Traditional ETL methods don't work with textual content. 


  • If big data systems are to derive actionable insight from the unstructured world, textual ETL lies on the critical path
  • It requires a different approach, and different technologies

Search Technologies provides consulting, services, and proven software tools, many of which are open-source, as the basis of efficient, textual ETL solutions. 

Contact us for a no-commitments discussion of your textual ETL requirements and ideas.

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