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Aspire Content Processing for Unstructured Big Data Applications

Providing clean, enriched, normalized content for "big data" and other unstructured content analytics applications


  • Organizations are faced with ever-increasing volumes of information
  • Gartner Research estimates that during the next five years, data volumes will grow 800%, and 80% of the additional data will be unstructured
  • Most organizations already take a zero tolerance policy to poor quality structured data (for purchasing systems, ERP systems, etc.). Yet little attention has been paid to the quality of unstructured data
  • This will change as organizations seek to extract value and gain competitive advantage from their unstructured data resources


So the question is not whether organizations will seek to better exploit the 80% of their data that is unstructured, the question is when and how.


  • In addition to renewed enthusiasm for enterprise search, the subjects of "big data" analytics and business insight from unstructured content are currently favored subjects among industry analysts and CIOs. Organizations on the leading edge of the curve are already exploiting their unstructured information and gaining competitive advantage


  • Some organizations take a tactical approach and plan to address unstructured data quality and content processing in silos, one application at a time. Aspire Content Processing can help with this approach where the application needs to address specific scale, quality or complexity issues
  • Other organizations take a more strategic view and look to Aspire as infrastructure with which to feed clean, enriched, normalized content to consuming applications. Substantial cost savings can be made through eliminating duplicated effort


The benefits of using Aspire Content Processing include:

  • Improved quality and performance of business applications
  • Lower cost of ownership through eliminating duplicated effort and simplified system maintenance

Where Aspire is used as an enterprise-wide infrastructure for search and analytics, it:

  • Enables additional value to be derived from corporate information by facilitating sharing and repurposing
  • Reduces the ongoing costs of unstructured information management
  • Provides greater information agility, as it becomes extremely easy to repurpose content to explore new ideas or rapidly deploy new applications

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