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Unstructured Data Quality Management

Data Governance and Data Quality Management (DQM) are common disciplines applied to structured data within organizations.  According to the Data Warehousing Instutute, poor quality data costs American businesses 600 billion dollars a year, and is a leading cause of IT project failure.

Quality management initiatives for unstructured data are far less common.  However, the effect of poor quality unstructured data can also be profound. In Search Technologies' experience, poor data quality is the leading cause of search project failure or underperformance

Yet proven best practices are available to improve data quality and ensure that search applications meet their objectives in terms of functionality and relevance.


1. Data Model Design:  A structured approach to researching and planning a search project which ensures a focus on data issues and directly serving user needs

2. A Document Preparation Methodology for Search: A collection of tools, techniques, and processes which prepare data for use in search-based applications