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The diversity of languages and cultural meaning might pose persistent roadblocks for search strategists and engineers. For seamless knowledge sharing through search, modern text analytics needs to delve into linguistic analysis and even cultural nuances. 

This white paper presents an engineer's sample approach to text analytics for a multilingual search platform built on Solr search engine, Basis Technology’s Rosette Linguistics Platform, and Aspire content processing pipeline. 

This white paper describes new architectures that marry Big Data concepts with search to provide revolutionary improvements in the reliability, cost-of-ownership, flexibility, and operational agility of enterprise search systems. 

New architectures are needed to cope with the sheer volume and variety of content, but also to ensure that important processes and best practices can be maintained.   These architectures will leverage distributed computing and NoSQL tools like Hadoop.

This white paper provides a description of an architecture enabling SharePoint 2013 to become a platform for multiple search-based applications.

Great enterprise search delivered through SharePoint 2013 re-inforces its adoption as a frequently-used business tool. This in turn, fosters deeper collaboration across the organization. However this is only achieved when the right search systems architecture is deployed to fully include and leverage content held in other repositories. 

This white paper is written for business decision makers who are looking to gain a better understanding of categorization techniques, and for technical staff who are not fully familiar with the process of automated categorization. It provides an easily digested overview of the main auto-categorization approaches, including their strengths and weaknesses, and the applications that are best suited to each. 

This  white paper describes best practices, including system architecture, implementation planning and quality control aspects in Search Technologies' Document Preparation Methodology for Search (DPMS).

All important search engine features, from relevancy ranking and results sorting to search navigators and graphical results display, rely on appropriate data structure and metadata which must be automatically and accurately captured or created.

This white paper presents a comprehensive plan for implementing a standards-based government archive.  It is specifically designed for secure, long-term preservation and ease of electronic search, access, and dissemination.

The architecture uses open source components and is modeled on some of the world's largest government document archives.