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Use Cases & Applications

One of the most common ways to improve the performance of search engines is to parallelize the work that needs to be performed. As the data stored in search indices increases, data inside them gets split into multiple shards. 

This tutorial discusses a shard placement technique for improving search engines' query performance. We've successfully applied this technique in several Elasticsearch and Solr search and analytics applications.

Hiring an outside team to help with your search and big data projects is a considerable investment. How do you select the right partner for your company's use case and specific requirements?

This e-book discusses 10 practical things that a good search and big data consultancy should be able to do for you. It can serve as a guideline for your strategy planning and vendor selection.

Support for the Google Search Appliance (GSA) will end in March 2019. Starting your GSA migration early will ensure a smooth transition and reduce risks. Built with GSA users in mind and around open source search engines, Search Technologies brings a cost-effective, complete solution that replaces your GSA effectively.

This white paper provides you an in-depth look into our GSA Replacement Solution and how it produces identical or better results than the GSA.

With the Google Search Appliance (GSA) reaching its end-of-life, you need to start thinking about your search strategy moving forward. There's a lot more to it than just replacing the "yellow box" and putting another search solution in its place. 

This e-book will provide you a guideline for avoiding pitfall and ensuring a seamless transition to your new search solution.

Collecting and analyzing log data - system logs and user logs – can help organizations find greater insights, leading to better performance and revenue. And with their affordability and enterprise-grade capabilities, open source technologies have made it possible for businesses of all sizes to efficiently perform log analytics.

This white paper will give you a deep-dive into combining the Elastic Stack and Apache Kafka to build a flexible, powerful open source log analytics architecture.

This white paper provides a deep-dive into how organizations are using big data techniques to transform modern search and analytics, bringing higher efficiency and cost savings to the digital workplace.

You'll learn about how machine learning and predictive analytics can be leveraged for versatile big data and search applications in e-commerce, media and publishing, recruiting, and fraud detection.

Studies show that e-commerce search fails to provide an optimal user experience most of the time, even for top-tier e-commerce companies. A modern e-commerce search architecture can overcome search functionality weaknesses, better serve users, and make impacts on revenue.

This white paper covers topics such as metric-driven search improvements, big data for user behavior analytics, and open source e-commerce search technologies.

The diversity of languages and cultural meaning might pose persistent roadblocks for search strategists and engineers. For seamless knowledge sharing through search, modern text analytics needs to delve into linguistic analysis and even cultural nuances. 

This white paper presents an engineer's sample approach to text analytics for a multilingual search platform built on Solr search engine, Basis Technology’s Rosette Linguistics Platform, and Aspire content processing pipeline. 

The right e-commerce search provides clear ROI by boosting conversion and Net Promoter Score (NPS) score. Search is also a powerful tool for cataloguing, online marketing, as well as user behavior and market trend analytics. 

This white paper provides a detailed overview of today's critical e-commerce search functionalities, together with a discussion on how open source solutions like Solr and Elasticsearch can be implemented for a unified e-commerce search experience.

This white paper provides a description of an architecture enabling SharePoint 2013 to become a platform for multiple search-based applications.

Great enterprise search delivered through SharePoint 2013 re-inforces its adoption as a frequently-used business tool. This in turn, fosters deeper collaboration across the organization. However this is only achieved when the right search systems architecture is deployed to fully include and leverage content held in other repositories.